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Thread: Possibly a chance for a sim...

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    Possibly a chance for a sim...

    Now, I'm not sure whether or not I should put this in here, or if its allowed, but it could be a chance for a new sim.

    Bit of a backstory, Grey Dog Software, which is now home to Adam Ryland (creator of the freeware game Extreme Warfare Revenge and Total Extreme Wrestling) is asking people what new sims people would like to see. They have put up a poll and have given you the chance to vote for which game you would like to see created next, so here's your chance to get over there and vote for cricket! They already have a basketball sim out, by the way, so don't waste a vote on that because there will be a sequel to Total Pro Basketball irrespective of this poll.

    It takes about three seconds to sign up, and even less to vote for "cricket." And if we get enough votes, maybe a new cricket simulator could go into production, and it certainly would be in good hands with these talented developers. Come on guys, get behind it!

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    It would be good if they could put the poll on CW, then everyone would vote.

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    yeh everyone should vote, signing up doesnt take long at all and its worth it to get a new cricket sim out there thats updated and has better graphics etc.

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