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Thread: School cricket - great fun

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    School cricket - great fun

    As a 17 year old currently "playing" for a highly unsuccessful school 3rd XI side, I have been witness to a few slightly bizarre matches in recent years. School cricket often throws up really weird anomalies, which I think is what makes it such fun to be involved in. I figured there must be some people around here with stories of great games, massive thrashings, great performances, and strange goings-on.

    For example, there was a player whom I played with in our Under 15 'B' team three years ago who was a decent bowler, but who couldn't bat, or field, and had no commitment of any kind, but we played him because we weren't exactly full of options. He performed unremarkably for two years after joining the squad at Under 13 level - best figures of about 3-30 (with a limit of 7 overs per bowler), and worst of about 3-0-41-0, and a top score of 12. Then one day he pulls out a performance of 7-23 and 51, and then gave up playing three weeks later after he was dropped for arriving late for a match as he was watching the FA Cup Final!

    There is an off-chance that a few of you may have heard of the Wisden Young All-Rounder of the Year 2002, Andries Kruger, a South African who came to my school for two years. He was the first to use the Woodworm Wand bats that Flintoff, Murali, Anderson and others now use (our former deputy head's son developed it), and he became an absolute hero to our school's young players, people used to flock to watch him play. In 2002 he scored around 850 runs in 18 games at about 78, and took 19 wickets at an average of 11 (he was often tired after his exertions with the bat, so didn't always bowl - we were pretty much a team of all-rounders!) and everyone thought he was going to be a top player, Chris Adams (Sussex captain who also did some coaching at our school - I played football with him once and nutmegged him!) offered him the chance at a Sussex contract, but he turned it down to go to medical school in South Africa. School cricket tends to produce cult figures like that, we've got a few here at the moment.

    Maybe someone here has even played against us - Christ's Hospital in West Sussex ring any bells?

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    How many million a term is it (charges up stereotype generator)?

    Most interesting School Cricket stories I can come up with are - 1) The 1999 Lord's Taverners U14 Cup Lincolnshire Semi Final. QEHS Gainsborough v Caistor Grammar, Caistor bat first and stumble to 36-9 before Fenton (2*) and Pickup (4) take them to 48 all out. QEHS then account for the runs off 3.3 overs.

    2) 2001, U12 Friendly match against St James. Caistor chase down the hosts' total, but over 100 runs come as extras in a total of 123. Top scorer for St James makes 7, and Caistor's makes 3. I got a telling-off the following week after it somehow made itself onto the "Jaffas and Jokers" countdown on Channel 4's Cricket Roadshow at Number 2.
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    I've played in a sum-total of 3 school games:
    Central vs. Brandeen - unforgettable match, my first ever in proper (when-you're-out-you're-out stuff) circumstances. I opened (the batting!) and hit 10 off 5 balls before attempting to slog my 6th (which never left the pitch after hitting it) and missing. Sadly it was straight. After that we put-on a reasonable performance given the nature of our side (4 of them became club-cricketers of any ilk - all the opposition did, not all that surprising), and made something like 90 (20 overs). They were about 65 for 1 after an earlyish wicket, and all of us real cricketers had just about given-up-the-ghost. Then I chucked an accurate(ish) throw when their number-two (who looked especially good) was running to that end. Our wicketkeeper (who became a very good goalkeeper - far better than me - in the next 5 years) fumbled it - right onto the stumps, quicker than he'd have got it there had he taken it cleanly - and got the run-out. A guy called Dominic Hazell then bowled the next two batsmen with the next two balls, bowled another in his next over, and our star-bowler Jack Howe returned to help mop-up the tail and help us win by about 10 runs. Brilliant game, absolute thriller.
    Another good one was Central vs. Someone Else (really can't remember who) - we fielded first, restricted them to a decent total (about 80), I again opened the batting - and took 10 overs to get the score to about 25. I just couldn't hit the gaps, no matter how often I hit near the middle of the bat. It got to the stage when my partner was clearly trying to run me out in the Boycs-Both style. I didn't allow it - and hit 15 off the next over. Then I ran myself out. The next man in ducked his 2nd ball (a Beamer) and it clipped the bails off. But the next man in and the number-three (Mr. Howe again) took the score all but to the win.
    The other game was so forgettable I've forgotten it. But we won.
    So I've actually got a 100% record. Shame the same thing can't be said for my most recent school (the respective game was 2 years before I joined). Played Tiverton High (including Tim Hill - Neil should know about him) and were bowled-out for 15. The guy who remembered that game best at my school (Clyst Vale) played in that game - for the opposition.
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    Having 270 set to win off 40 overs. At 5/155 with about 12 overs to go, everyone gave up, the batsmen who were in just began to push singles. Suddenly 6's and 4's began to flow off the bat and we were a chance. We finished on 265, if only some of us hadn't given up....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    How many million a term is it (charges up stereotype generator)?

    Actually, my school is unique in that fees are dictated by earnings - loads of people pay nothing, including me. If your family earns more than about 40 grand a year then they won't take you in.

    Put the generator on standby!

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