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No surprises! That not only is a great radio head song, but also a great way to lead into my AllOut! For this week.

-The no surprise is in regards to the first 9 games of the ICC Champs Trophy. Honestly, the first nine were al predictable. As for those who think NZ is ranked 2 in ODIís, I think you might have hard time convincing people.

-The Aussie Kiwi match has been the most anticipated game yet, with some out there thinking NZ would pull off a shocker that never happened- we now look to tomorrow, and what I think will a much more competitive match. Sri Lanka plays the hosts, England. Will it be a close match, especially with England wishing their ODI squad playing not up to form of late? Well let me say I hope so, because I have them winning in the all-important ********** prediction challenge.

-This perfectly brings me into my next comment- the ********** ICC Champions Trophy Challenge. If England wins tomorrow, I move into a tie for first place. Am I being foolish to think England will pull off the win in front of their fans?

-Hey USA cricket we hardly knew ya! Seriously, I was happy to see USA included in the tourney, but class level between teams in this tourney show some major problems. It reminds me of the recent Rugby world cup, where it seemed like only the last 7 games were of any relevance.

These minnow countries need to keep playing though if they ever plan to get better. Something I suggest, without even one second of a thought if it is financially feasible, is why not have all these minnow teams play in a tourney similar to this one twice a year? One of the tournaments could be 50 overs, while the other is Twenty/20 format? Heck, start off the first year or two with just the Twenty/20 format and maybe even a little money could be made.

-Going back to the easy victory the Aussies had over NZ makes me wonder if there is any chance of game three of their ODI series later this year at the gabba will have any significance. Before you say where the heck this comment is coming from let me tell you a famous internet cricket columnist has ticket to that very match------, ok maybe not famous, itís me. just for sh**s and giggles, if I applied for a press pass for myself/**********, what are the chances of me getting one?

-Over at cricinfo, there is an interview on Gary Hopkins, the new savior/chief executive of USA cricket. What really caught my attention, and surprised Tony Munro didnít press further on, is when Mr. Hopkins replied to the question of what is his immediate focus- Right now, it's finding suitable venues. The first week I visited 10-12 locations .... and I'm very heartened by what I've seen. With a bit of understanding and a bit of creativity we can create a true cricket environment.Ē
I would love to know which venues he thinks are cricket worthy- are these baseball stadiums, football stadiums, soccer stadiums?

-So thatís all for now, hopefully next time my column appears I will be able to say I have first place, go England!
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