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Thread: India in Australia 2003/04 - the final verdict?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    And soon the response will be no, no and no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dar
    I've discussed this a lot so i'll keep it short:

    India outplayed Aussies in the tests
    India should have won three out of the four VB qualifying games and i mean should have easily won.
    India completely screwed up the finals which was incredibly disappointing
    I would say that 1 and 3 are true, but as for number 2 - I never accept this type of argument, 'cause it's inherently silly. Somebody was arguing in another thread the other day, that had the Sri Lankans not thrown their wickets away in a game in Australia in '96, they would have beaten the Australians comfortably. It's akin to saying "If Zimbabwe didn't completely SUCK, they'd probably be in the top six sides in international cricket right now." - I mean, what's the point?

    I watched the VB series, and India were repeatedly outplayed in the one day series. When it counted, the Aussies always had enough juice in the tank to pull of a win (the Brett Lee six comes to mind). That's the hallmark of a great side. While I think India had slightly the better of the test series, the Australians comfortably had their measure in the one-day game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    And soon the response will be no, no and no.
    Another of your knee-jerk thoughtless replies i see. "No" - is that your default answer to anything? Why don't you actually read the post - are you saying India didn't screw up in the final?

    And Arjun, you're a hater and a loser, too bitter about your own failures in life to give praise even when it is due - and so you dismiss the adelaide victory as lucky.

    OK, I beleive no.2 is correct, but that's difficult to prove.

    But no. 1 is most certainly true. Lets go through the 20 days of test cricket and see who came out on top.

    1. Aus
    2. Ind
    3. too little play
    4. Ind
    5. Aus, but by this stage a draw was inevitable

    6. Aus
    7. even
    8. Ind
    9. Ind
    10. Ind

    11. Ind
    12. Aus
    13. Aus
    14. aus
    15. too little play

    16. Ind
    17. Ind
    18. even
    19. even
    20 Aus

    Score India 8 - 7 Australia.

    Close, but india take it i think.

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    The days don't matter.

    The object of the game is to win...days are just a part of that, but without the final result, it's a meaningless (and subjective) stat.

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    Exactly, I don't feel India outplayed India as much as some people have made out.

    Even on here, just about all 3 of those statements have been opposed in a short space of time.
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    you're a hater and a loser, too bitter about your own failures in life to give praise even when it is due - and so you dismiss the adelaide victory as lucky.
    You don't know me at all- better think twice the next time. When I see this Australian team in action, I expect not only the Indians, but also every other team, to step up, which has not happened at all. If they're falling back someplace, they have to step up-but instead, this team has gone nowhere- and they don't mind it.

    About Adelaide, I agree they batted well to get a large total, but the Australian second innings was nothing but an aberration- they batted far better in every other innings. If the Indians worked hard for getting those 10 wickets for such a low total, why did they mess up in Sydney? They had a better chance of winning there. More than the Melbourne defeat, the Sydney draw was a disappointment.

    Close, but india take it i think.
    But who won the series? Small mercies don't count- the big picture matters more.
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    The series is history, let it go and move on with your lives...
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