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Thread: Swing bowling

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    Swing bowling

    I am Muhammad sulieman I am all rounder

    I learned swing bowling when last year from (Foam ball)
    fristly when i started swing i had no controll and it was normal inswinger for left armer then i wanted to learn outswing so i started using wrist for outswing

    Good news i learned outswing but news i forgot how i bowled my inswing because it was default for me i can bowl outswing but i cannot ball inswing i try using my wrist but i fail idk how can i bowl inswinger any tips and techniques also for fast bowling?

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    vcs is online now
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    Welcome to CW. I'm sure someone here can give you some tips.
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    Do you bown side on or chest on. I am aware that outswing comes a lot more naturally to those who bowl with their side towards the batsman, that with their chest facing the batsman.

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