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Thread: Bruyen the -unis for tomorrow

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    Bruyen the -unis for tomorrow

    If India has Manish pandey
    Than southafrica has bright prospect named theunis bruyen, 22 year old, start his 1st. Class début with 105,this week he scored 202 not out followed with 161 vs. Powerful
    Bowling attack for southafrica A.

    For a while Johnson unfit and Australia found other option who took 10 wickets,india and W.I keep selecting unfit and out of form player, look at Pakistan
    They have more opener than any nation, try new, why dhawan around when you even dropped pujara,u.chand is good, try him, if no pujara than try Jadhav
    Manish pandey should be in the team while Sachin sir around.

    Southafrica try van zyl and bavuma (102 today), they shaws good promise for future.India should drop at least half @ dozen present player mostly bowler
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    India should play Suresh Raina as specialist bowler. Probably bat him below Bhagwat Chandrasekhar though.
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    Aashish Nehra is ATG stuff. Please agree with me.

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