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Thread: Overseas players for village teams - New ECB rules and Legal Guidance

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    Overseas players for village teams - New ECB rules and Legal Guidance

    I was wondering if anyone could help us as we are a local village team who have arranged for an Aussie to come and play for us next season. He gained a 2 year holiday VISA in June 2008 therefore we believed he would be fine to play, however recently we have noted the new ECB guidelines on overseas players. Obviously we want him to come and play but need to do this within the guidelines.

    Does anyone have any expeience of this and could you assist with any guidance?

    Many thanks in anticipation of your response.



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    When these guidelines appeared in my inbox the other month, I point-blank ignored them as it's not my role at my club - have had a quick look and they're not a clear read! My understanding is that on a holiday visa you can play as an amateur, but if you can't pay someone on a holiday visa to do a full-time job. You would then need to apply under Tier 5 of the scheme, I think...

    I've moved this to the Cricket Chat section, as we have a few legal bodies who may be able to give clearer advice.
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