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Thread: Fulton (again)

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    Fulton (again)

    I don't know if anyone has seen this and talked about it here as I have been away but Peter Fulton scored 301 not out for Canterbury against Auckland last week. (and they still lost)

    I talked to him a couple of days ago and his comment was "hopefully that will make up for the runs that I haven't got all season".

    I know that Tim is a big fan of Peter but I am someone that doesn't rate him that highly. He does NOT play well in club cricket but always seems to rise for the big games.

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    Yeah, there was a thread..but you are right Peter hasn't been very consistent this season.

    He got 301* but his next 2 innings have been 12 & 17 or something like that so he's back to his normal self.

    I have no doubts that when I see Peter Fulton bat I see a player who has a very good technique which would be successful in international cricket..and who knows if you're right in saying that he steps up in the big games then maybe they should chuck him in the test side & see what happens.

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