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Thread: Restrictions on speaking with the media

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    Restrictions on speaking with the media

    I was seeing a one hour cricket programme on NDTV called 'cricket controversies'. Apparently the Indian team has decided not to speak with the media for the time being to avoid controversies. A sort of media ban. Only Chappell, Dravid and the media manager will speak.

    Sidhu was vociferous in defending it. That he said the Indian players are not articulate enough as a point to defend his stance was hilarious. But coming back to the point.

    If players do not speak with the media how do they defend comments which may slur their reputation. Like Hayden felt during the Ashes and reacted so strongly. Specially in a scenario of former players - some of the team mates of the current lot having a say at almost every thing.

    Also why should some players be denied of monetary benefits of writing columns etc in the media for the talk of specific players in the team.

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    Such a move is rubbish. All that will happen is the papers will find alternative ways of finding stories and, as a rule, those stories will be nastier. Speaking from experience, it's bad enough having to go through PR/media/public affairs managers, let alone not even being able to talk to players. It's even worse in general reporting, but I digress..

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    The only logical reason I can come up with is the possibility that waiting in the wings is a nice 'exclusive media contract' for someone or other, in other words there will be a single media group the players will speak through (for a price).

    But then again, I have a suspicious mind.
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