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Thread: Cricket Bat From Ebay

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    Cricket Bat From Ebay

    What do people think about a bat like This from ebay. I thought that it must be too good to be true until i read the user feedback from customers who had brought these bats

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    personally i wouldn't buy a bat without picking it up, seeing how it feels playing a few shots and stuff like that. dont like that brand of bats personally either.

    seems to sell alot of bats, possibly something dodgy there too, who knows though?
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    I've bought 2 cricket bats off e-bay, and both have been great arriving in awesome condition. I am familiar with the user who is selling this bat, but have not bought anything from him. I only checked out his items about a month ago. His feedback is excellent, but an English Willow Britannia Ton for $39.95 with $39.95 postage? That does sound too good to be true.
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