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Thread: Watch This Space!

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    Watch This Space!

    Okay, so the Ashes set to come down to a close final. My prediction is this: If Simon Jones plays at the Oval, England will win. If Glen Mc Grath plays and Jones doesn't, Australia will win. If both the bowlers play, I think Australia are too good a team to fail consistantly with the bat, and if they bat with the application they showed in the Second innings at Trent Bridge, (and Steve Bucknor isn't umpiring) I think they will do well...

    A meaningless prediction from a die hard South African Fan...

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    What's Bucknor got to do with it? Aleem Dar was the culprit in Nottingham.

    Australia have failed with the bat four Tests running. I am not confident at all that they suddenly find form collectively. The best to hope for is a Langer ton and a telling Martyn contribution. I feel Hayden and Gilchrist are lost for this series.

    I predict a rain-affected draw.

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    Steve had a few strange decisions in the test aswell, but that's not the issue, Umpires are only human I guess!

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