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Thread: Changeing pitch characteristics????

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    Changeing pitch characteristics????

    What are the current Test pitch characteristcs at the various venues, and has this changed in any way??????

    * The Wacca no longer has the same sort of pace or bounce & The 'Gabba would probably have more of each in the last couple of seasons.
    *The SCG is no longer the spinner's track it was less than a decade ago;
    *Likewise with The Basin Reserve, which v RSA seemed to have more pace & bounce than most other NZL pitches available.

    Is this a trend globally?
    Is it the result of a deliberate attempt to change the pitches or due to natural degredation?
    Is it the side effects of abnormal weather?
    Or is it a combination of all of the above, where the pitch still plays to it's traditional characteristics, but changes during the season - perhaps exhibiting the changes when 'fresh' b4 settling down to 'normal service'?

    Just a thought re local conditions, are they as removed from each other as they used to be? Have AUS conned us all into trying to fight fire with fire & we are preparing pitches they are well at home on?????

    Any thoughts????

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    I am sure that most of the pitches the world over are changing characteristics. It is probably affected by the slight climatic changes that we are seeing in most countries, probably. I guess relaying most of the wickets did not help, either.
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