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Thread: Modifying A Ball To Practice Swing Bowling In The Nets

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    Modifying A Ball To Practice Swing Bowling In The Nets

    Hi all, I'm trying to practice swinging it in the nets, but obviously I'm gonna go through new balls pretty fast as they're gonna get very scuffed up bowling in the nets and not keep their ability to swing for long. So I'm looking for a way to doctor a ball to make it swing reliably and be more durable. It doesn't matter too much if the swing is hooping round corners, or even if it just swings slightly, what's important is that I can see the visual cue of it swinging so I know I'm getting my wrist in the right place and can practice swinging it both ways.

    Here's a video of someone doctoring a tennis ball by covering one side in electrical tape, thus making one side heavier and allowing it to effectively reverse swing.

    Perhaps using electrical tape on a cricket ball could also work, but does anyone know a tried and tested method of getting a cricket ball to swing for practice?

    Super glue, varnish, vaseline, electrical tape, roughing one side with sandpaper etc? Any ideas?

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    Tape ball swings as much due to the additional weight as anything else, if you're wanting to get used to swinging a ball nothing beats real practice with a new ball; I wouldn't even rough one side up to be honest - I'd just bowl with a ball until it starts to take some damage and then work on the side you want to keep shiny. Keep it as dry as possible on both sides and only shine one side once you've let the ball take some damage.

    If you're wanting a visual cue, take an older ball and dip one side in white paint and bowl with that, you'll see seam position and if you have access to something like a GoPro, set it up at the batting end behind the net to track it further. Otherwise you can get bowling discs which are great for ensuring good release on the seam

    Like this one

    Plastic Bowling Disc | Cricket Express

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    like you,i am also a tennis ball player.i also ball fast,humble to swing the ball.From ny experienc,you can't seam up tennis ball,because of the absence of its sim,but you can earn(give importance to the word 'earn') movement in this.what you are doing is that,you are making contrast/reverse swing the ball in nets,but in natches you will not be given the chance to swing the ball using tape.its best for you to use leg cutter /leg break to right handed & off cutter /ogf break to left handed.add slowers & yorkers in your kit bag me,it will be very helpful.

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