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Thread: Slip Catching

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    Slip Catching

    So, as some of you may know, I'm not small. I weigh 114kg's now (lost about 4 kg's in 5 weeks), but still only really useful in the slips. I used to keep for County for 4 years so got a decent pair of hands and am always the first choice for the captain wherever he needs a strong catcher.

    Have a look at these quick two videos and let me know what you think.. I'm messing about the beginning of the one, so just ignore that

    Catching Practice 1

    Catching Practice 2
    The English South African.

    Batting is simple (3W's):
    Watch it
    Wait for it

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    You're really not at all too weighty to be fielding anywhere you like, you would have no problems at cover or even in the outfield.

    Not sure which idiot coach told you that you were overweight, you're over 6ft and quite stocky, 100-120 is a perfectly normal weight.

    Somebody like Symonds or going back a while, Botham, would have been around that weight.

    As for your catching, hard to really gauge what you're capable of when somebody is bumping balls to you at 2miles per hour.

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