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Thread: bat maintenance- Help please

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    bat maintenance- Help please


    I've just got a used cricket bat and not sure what to do with it in regards to treatment before I start using it.

    Its a slazenger V3 that's been little used and is a year old, no cracks, just seam marks on the front. There is a toe guard on but no protective cover.

    Question is, should i linseed oil it before putting on a protective cover, if so do I need to sand it down before\after oiling it, then put the cover on??
    Seems a basic thing to ask but want to treat it right before I use it as it's a lovely bat.



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    I would:

    Lightly sand it, then oil it. I don't like protective faces so wouldn't bother with one. Take it to a net and make sure no-one's using a new ball so you don't get more seam marks. If there are some marks already it might mean it hasn't been knocked in properly; treat it with care when you first use it and try not to play any horror shots!

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