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Thread: Willostix bats

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    Willostix bats

    Will be getting a new bat over the winter and I am tempted by the willostix anaconda. Anyone had any experience with willostix bats, or should I spend my money elsewhere?

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    Very expensive for what they are.

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    Willostix bats

    I can certainly reccomend the Willostix Anaconda Bat as we bought my son one this season and the pick up is great. It has most of the weight at the base of the bat and he says it is the best bat he has ever had. I must also say the company is one of the most helpful companies I have ever dealt with, for advice and general customer service it is second to none.

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    To be fair I say my Malik is the best bat I've ever had and it was £15... And I've goot like 5/6 bats over £50, 2 over £100 all harrow-ish size. Don't go on price, go to a shop (in this case the Willostix), and try them out for yourself.
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