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Thread: Over arm cricket bowling Robot

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    Over arm cricket bowling Robot

    Hello there cricket players,

    I am currently doing my final year engineering thesis. The thesis is to build a over arm bowling robot. Therefore it will have an actual rotational arm which releases the ball like normal bowlers. Apparently there are 'problems' with the current commercial shooting bowling machines.

    - Some of the machines use plastic balls which have different bounce?
    - The ball has a more of a skid to it as it bounces on the pitch?
    - The machines use a shooting technique rather then the normal over arm technique, this apparently therefore does not let the batsman practice his/her prediction of how the bowler is going to bowl.

    These are just a few of the 'problems' that I have found by talking to other cricketing people.

    If any of you people could just comment on this thread and tell me your additional views on the problems with the old technology.

    Also any suggestions you might have on how to make a realistic over arm bowling machine

    Thanks peeps

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    Sounds like fun!

    Just say your robot is a right arm pace bowler, what are you going to do with his left arm?? I suggest starting the left arm slowly and then at about halfway speed it up to make it in line with the right arm.

    This will enable the batsman to be completely ready for the delivery as from the limited times I've had a bowling machine I've always found it hard to bat completely normally.

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    At the moment our state squad is using a machine called Iron Mike, as well as 'regular' bowling machines. Iron mike has a rotational thing where the ball comes out, and uses regular cricket balls on turf pitches, so in that sense should be more match realistic. Look that up if that helps maybe?

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    I think your cricket bowling robot should have a run up, like that of a real person, and should be adjustable to bowl as a left arm or right arm bowler... Maybe then you'll get a first for your project!!!

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    instead of right or left arm, try one arm in the centre of the robot, and change the angle of the delivery to adjust for a right or left arm bowler.

    but to me a huge piece of metal attemting to hurl a cricket ball 80+mph is quite scary, hat if part of the arm flies off? a helmet wont stop your head being taken off.

    heres an idea, try making a bowling machine which can do seam bowling, normal bowling machines have difficulties doing that.

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