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Thread: Double hop in runup?

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    Icon5 Double hop in runup?

    In my runup i do a 'double hop' just before i deliver the ball. Some coaches tell me not to do this but others dont mind. when i use my double hop i can get good pace and accuracy and swing but i find that bowling with a 'normal' runup my bowling tends to be too short and all over the place. What should i do to fix this? should i keep doing my double hop or try to change?


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    I have had

    a few bowlers that I have worked with that had this problem. What you are doing is pushing off with your back leg rather than your front. It doesnt seem to take that long to change this but of course your performance levels will drop until it becomes a more natural skill.

    Try just standing on the spot and leaping off your left leg (i'll assume from now that you are right arm) and driving across your body with your right leg while loading up your upper body as you would normally when you bowl. Do this 10-15 times.

    Then do the same thing but with a walk up then a jog up then start actually bowling a ball. When it feels right move into your full run up and see how it goes.

    The key you need to change it? Are you bowling no balls because of it? Are you erratic/inconsistant? Do you put too much pressure on your back leg? Is your pace really faster this way? All questions you may need to think through before changing.

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