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Thread: Should I begin playing cricket?

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    Should I begin playing cricket?

    Hey guys,
    This is my first ever post on here,I'm 19 I have been wondering to myself wither or not to play cricket this coming season. I've never played club cricket before but would be interested in picking up the skills of the game and having a bit of fun with some good blokes, I'm not the best player to be honest I'm quite poor at bowling and believe me I'm not joking, my batting is probably slightly better but it's still fairly bad.
    I have played lawn bowls for the past 5 odd summers and I feel like I could keep on playing that but the urge is there to have a go at cricket while I'm still reasonably young and can learn the ways of the game.
    What are everyone's views on this? Could I adapt to cricket and get a game in a low grade? Would it be hard for me to adjust to cricket with no real prior knowledge of the hands on part of the game?
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

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    He is too old. Yes, too old to begin the training.
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    Just practice in nets and see if you like it.
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    Anyone can play cricket, it is one of the few sports which allows all shapes and sizes to play and succeed, just look at Dwayne Leverock and Glenn McGrath, one stick the other a rhino.
    All lower grades play socially and are compiled of the least skilled cricketers who just want to enjoy the game at the pure level

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    I was 24 when I started earlier this year, with a lot of enthuasiasme and support from my team I now play 1 friendly a week, sometimes 2, getting some run outs and scoring some runs ( increasing every week).

    Just go for it, give it one season ( I do this aswell and if I didn't break anything on my body a second season is waiting for me).
    Amobokobokoboko envolved in the noble game of cricket

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