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    Icon4 Lovers Carden

    Lovers Carden (257786)

    RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, mediocre batting form, proficient bowling form, energetic fitness.
    A cautious player with strong leadership skills and respectable experience.

    Plays For: Freshie Lads
    Nationality: West Indies
    Age: 27 Years Old
    Battrick Rating: 23,627
    Wages: 5,451 p/w

    Stamina: proficient Wicket Keeping: abysmal
    Batting: strong Concentration: respectable
    Bowling: superb Consistency: respectable
    Fielding: mediocre

    Please BT Mail me with any offers for this guy...

    Username: Paysie
    Team Name: Freshie Lads

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    If his surname had a g at the beginning rather than a c then I'd probably offer you my entire BT fund, which is considerably more than he's worth.

    A True Champion - Bob. Rest in peace. 15/04/06
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    Hyp[othetically it is possible to get a Lovers Lovegrove
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    All these Broad fans are no doubt Kohli fans too. Fans of tosspot wankers.

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