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Thread: England is nothing short of rubbish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furball View Post
    Hopefully they'll punch you in the face.
    It's okay. They're all English so they'll probably miss

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    Graph is great even if inaccurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NasserFan207 View Post
    A lot of the blame has to fall on Cook (and probably Flower) imo. Its not something he can probably change, but Cook doesn't strike me as an inspiring leader. Its hard to imagine him rousing the troops or giving people a kick up the arse. Strauss was much more suited to the role.

    It didn't help Cook that two of his seniors Trott and Prior fell to pieces and left him to cope by himself. But Cook is not a captain for my money. Great batsman, but not a captain.
    Thats because hes not.

    Another worrying thing is that everyone seems to have Joe Root marked down as a future captain, i must of of missed the punchline somewhere.

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