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Thread: Ashes XI Prediction Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen View Post
    Man just read through the thread. If this many cricket fanatics can get predictions so wrong less than a year out from the event, imagine how bad economists must be at picking economic growth...

    Interesting that nearly every team had both Jaques and Hayden, who have both lost their places.

    Very few teams had Katich (none had Hughes).

    Noone had North (who is almost a certainty for the #6).

    Noone had Siddle.

    Lol @ Casson.

    Unfortunately Noffke got injured at the wrong time AGAIN. Not that we need him with Johnson, Siddle, Lee and Clark.
    It just goes to show that prediction of two XIs a year down the road is almost impossible, because things don't change considerably only very rarely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    1. P. Jaques
    2. S. Watson
    3. R. Ponting [captain]
    4. M. Hussey
    5. M. Clarke
    6. A. Symonds
    7. B. Haddin [keeper]
    8. B. Lee
    9. M. Johnson
    10. S. Clark
    11. B. Hilfenhaus
    9 from 11 have made the squad which isn't that awful.

    I didn't think Hayden would make the Ashes this time round and at the time I thought Jaques was an absolute shoe-in, reckon he's going to have a brilliant 09-10 Domestic year will P Jaques.. Pleased with my Hilfenhaus call, he might not play, but has at least made the squad.

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    Yeah I'm disappointed in the selectors treatment of Jaques. I called for him to be in the ODI team instead of Katich as far back as 05/06, with him as the natural successor to Hayden.

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    With the sides taking shape, reading back through this thread again has been interesting. Hardly anyone got our attack right, and understandably so, same with the Aussies as well. If I cbf I will go through on Wednesday and find out who got the most right.

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