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Thread: A guy like Kallis

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    Dont know why people are making reference to Dravid

    In T20s, he's Kallis-lite - same strike-rate with less runs

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    Quote Originally Posted by social View Post
    Dont know why people are making reference to Dravid

    In T20s, he's Kallis-lite - same strike-rate with less runs
    Because Dravid is more popular than Kallis, so people are less inclined to assume selfish motives on his part when he struggles to get the ball off the square.

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    because Dravid will hit out and throw his wicket away, playing big for the sake of the team whereas Kallis wont. It has nothing to do with popularity.
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    A couple of games from Kallis that i watched were good. He can hit the ball hard but i think he needs to mentally adopt very quickly from ODIs and Tests to T20s, if he is capable of making that change quickly he is certainly a clean hitter of the ball.

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    Na the Dravid appreciaton comes from him having a pretty handy SR in the most recent IPL and no one is really looking back much further than that.
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    Kallis is probably the greatest dumbest cricketer of all-time. Norman Arendse three years ago when South Africa had their best 20/20 side (and still chocked) knew the score. CSA tried forming different squads years ago but the boys want to play everything because they want the money. Kallis threatened to go Kolpak after being left out of a 20/20 squad…

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    I don't think Fat Gray and him can be accomodated in the same T20 batting order, tbh. Especially when Gibbs is shot and AB de V not exactly a dasher as the format goes. One player can be the anchor, but two weighs the scoring down.

    What happened to Bosman? Injured?
    Lungile isn't a popular guy in the side. Has history with Smith and some of the older guys. Also he is an anomaly, a 20/20 cricketer in a test-heavy 20/20 side.

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    Kallis should go in T20s. Poor T20 bowler and his "anchor" role at the top only works in various circumstances and when you're able to rotate the strike.

    Boucher should also make way. What T20 has proven is that keepers that bat aren't as effective as batsmen who keep.

    And there's much better T20 batsmen out there like Ingram, Miller and Kemp.
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    Strangely, he looks better in T20s than he does in ODIs. Maybe because the format forces him to be more positive.

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    Ok this is when you are reminded of the saying "nothing succeeds like success". If South Africa were successful in this tournament, Kallis would not be under scrutiny. He has pretty great in some of the IPL matches..Harsha Bhogle even wrote an artifce on his and Tendulkar's success in IPL.

    South Africa lost because they played **** cricket. Steyn got owned by Pieterson finally..
    but what about Smith, Duminy, Gibbs, De Villiers, Bosman and Morkel? Kallis was definitely not worse than them..
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