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Thread: The greatest World Cup matches of all-time

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero
    Australia's late fightback was good, and in no way is this a(nother) dig at you Aussies, but I do believe there are better fightbacks in World Cup history than coming from one down against Japan. Like West germany coming from two down to beat the World Champions, England, in Mexico 70.

    Fair play though, obviously it's a game that will always be remembered over there
    Yeah, no way it was the best comeback in world cup history or anything, but if you consider the stage, match circumstances, heat and the fact that it was three goals after the 84th minute, it was pretty impressive. From a pool of four world cups that I've seen, it's one of the best, even without the Australian factor.
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    England vs Argentina, QF 1986, nuff said..

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie
    England vs Argentina, QF 1986, nuff said..

    Er, no. One hand-ball, one own-goal & Lineker managed to miss from the goalline. One of the best remembered, possibly, but not the best.

    Ironically the best game I can recall was from '86 tho. 2nd round, Belgium beat the Soviet Union 4-3 AET. It was a v strong Soviet team who had won their group ahead of France & Belgium had just squeaked thru as one of the best 3rd placed teams. Has everything but decent defending!

    86 probably had the best final I can recall too, but that's not saying much TBF.

    Best game with England? Hmm. We've not had too many classics I can recall. 2-2 v yer Argentines in '98 was notable for our tremendous rearguard action & Sol's (incorrectly) disallowed goal. I can't go past Beck's duff pen that dicked them last time round or Platty's volley in the last min of ET in '90 v the sprouts tho. Bugger objectivity!
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    One of my favourites is England vs. Cameron 1990, cracker of a game but the commentary is what makes it so memorable, Cecil Rhodes would have been proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TT Boy
    One of my favourites is England vs. Cameron 1990, cracker of a game but the commentary is what makes it so memorable, Cecil Rhodes would have been proud.
    Very plucky, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    I'm not sure the Moroccan team who might reasonably have expected to advance after beating Scotland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy
    What a side that was. Pity they had no decent forwards.

    What a midfield though, Eder, Falcao, Socrates and Zico.
    Yup - you only wish that Romario had been 10 years older. They were incapable of scoring "ordinary" goals, and even their tap-ins were spectacular. Should have won the tournament with their eyes closed, but unfortunately their back 4 tried to do exactly that against Italy.

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