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Which are the cricket betting markets that you will most likely have access to?

As one of the world’s most popular sports, cricket is often the preferred option for online punters from several countries. In order to satisfy their clients’ needs, some of the betting platforms try to create hundreds of different markets for this sport. Despite the fact that there might not be as many options as for football, some of the best cricket betting sites will provide you with more than enough variations.

While it is true that every cricket betting market might be a good option in some scenarios, there are a few options that usually stand out. Let’s check them out and see how to make the most out of them while punting. 

Session Runs

The first market that deserves to be on our list is called Session Runs. Even though you may not have the chance to put it to the test, you can find out the best 6 cricket betting sites presented by the trusted brand Silentbet, and if you check them out, you will see that each company has this option.

Session runs, as its name suggests, allow you to punt on the total runs that one of the two teams will score during a certain session. Since most cricket betting enthusiasts choose this option, the odds are usually high.

Correct Score

The correct score is probably the most popular betting market you can use, no matter which sport you are interested in. If you decide to use this option while punting on cricket, you need to predict the score at the end of the specific match. Since this is not easy, the odds for this market are really impressive.

Handicap Betting

One of the things that you have probably noticed while browsing your favorite iGaming website is that it offers different handicap options. Even though some bookies don’t provide those things, each of the six cricket betting sites presented by Silentbet will allow you to avail yourself of this market while punting on this sport.

There are loads of famous handicap betting markets that you may come across, such as -20, which means that one of the two teams needs to score an additional 20 points to win.

Top Team Batsman

The batsman plays an important role in every cricket game, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many online bookmakers will allow you to punt on it. Even though this market may have several variations, the one that you will probably have the chance to try out will allow you to choose which batsman will score the most runs.

The most runs

Finally, almost every cricket betting website will allow you to wager on the total number of runs. Sometimes, this market is only available if you wager on a particular team, but you may have the chance to punt on specific players. In some cases, the online bookmakers also have special bonuses that you can use while wagering on this sport.

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