McCullum stands firm on run-out

Brendon McCullum has hit out at Muttiah Muralitharan saying it was his own stupidity that cost him his wicket during the first Test.

McCullum has been labled a cheat and unsportsmanlike for running Muralitharan out when he went to congratulate Kumar Sangakkara on making his century.

McCullum told the NZ Herald that he would do the same again and that “we didn’t even contemplate the spirit of cricket … it was an opportunity to take a wicket and we took it.”

“After 109 test matches, you should know better than to walk out of your ground to celebrate a guy’s 100 when the ball’s still alive.”

New Zealand Cricket CEO Martin Snedden has also come to McCullum’s defence saying it had nothing to do with the spirit of the game and that some players were being unfairly singled out over the incident.

Snedden also commented to the NZ Herald saying “this isn’t about the spirit of cricket, it’s not about anyone being guilty of sharp practice or dodgy behaviour – it’s just a clear-cut dismissal.”

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