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Make the most of cricket mania with these games

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports not only in India but also globally. It enjoys an audience of 2.5 billion fans worldwide and is largely considered the second most popular sport in the world, second only to football.

Since all sports are cancelled this year, cricket fans are twiddling their thumbs wondering how to get their fix before the game resumes again. Fret not, we bring you a list of great cricket games to keep you occupied and busy.

World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2

This game has the distinction of Google Play’s Best Games of 2017 winner. It won the award for three consecutive years and it is one of the most downloaded and popular cricket games ever with thousands of players around the world.

The simulations are highly realistic with more than 100 motion captured animations, extraordinary graphics and player modes. You can also practice with Practice Mode, go into Quick Play Mode or opt for Tournament Mode. You can choose your own team and manage your sportsmen, even cheer your team with custom made banners.  What sets it apart is the realistic physics of the sport displayed.

Cricket slot games

The cricket theme is a popular one on micro gaming casino sites with multiple reels, rows and pay lines. The reels feature cricket-based graphics like players, umpires, balls, bat etc. Many cricket slot games online feature attractive bonuses and free spins.

If you would like to place bets on upcoming matches, such as the one between England and West Indies, you could visit a website like and select Cricket to place your bets.

Real Cricket 20

Real cricket and its various games claim to provide the most authentic, complete and surreal cricket experience. They aren’t wrong. Real Cricket and its various versions over the years provide real-time, multiplayer games so that you can play and stream your friends’ matches live. You can choose classic 1vs 1 player or team up with your friends and play 2P vs 2p. The female commentators are quite spot on and you can also purchase commentary packs. What’s more you can review the umpire’s call for LBW and edges using enhanced technology like an ultra-edge review system that uses a Snick meter. It has some interesting complex game play and there are no bots in multiplayer games so you can really test your skills.

World T20 Cricket Champs 2019/2020

Fans of T20 cricket need not worry. With the World T20 Cricket Champs game you can build your own all-star team of 11 cricketers and conquer the cricket world. It offers different game modes that include Net Practice, Quick Match, Test Match, Challenges and Tournament Mode.

Choose from your favourite cricket-playing countries starting with India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh and South Africa. Players can opt to take on the mantle of the captain instead of being a player and take the decisions like hiring, batting and bowling etc. to improve team performance.

You can also play as a captain instead of a player and manage team decisions, such as hiring batting and bowling coaches for improving your team’s performance. The fun part is that you can hire a batting or bowling coach to improve team performance or even hire a bookie.

World Cricket Battle 2

If you enjoy great animation and graphics, then World Cricket Battle or WCB2 is for you.  WCB2 has the best and most advanced 3D graphics in a mobile cricket game. Features include real-time, multiplayer games, auction mode to bid on your favourites, and a gradual progression from street or gully cricket to an international career as you unlock various phases of your cricket career.

What sets it apart is the unique and advanced game play option that uses a difficulty optimization algorithm to increase difficulty and unpredictability in your games.

It is also one of the first mobile games to introduce the Rain & Duckworth-Lewis feature. Other highlights include Third Umpire, DRS, Ultra-edge detection, real-life weather changes, sledging, and commentary box with commentators etc.

Doodle Cricket

Looking for some casual cricketing fun? Doodle Cricket is a game developed by Google using the Advance AI Algorithms. It features cute, cartoonish graphics, simple game play, almost relaxing as you simply have to tap the screen to hit the ball when it comes near you on the device. It is also very lightweight. Play it via the browser or download the app from the Play Store.  Play as many shots as you like without worrying about over limits.


The International cricket season gets ready to take off with IPL matches in September. In the meantime, you can make do with these popular games right at your fingertips.

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