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Is It Difficult To Make a Well-Received Cricket Game?

There are many online video games now available throughout different platforms. From racing cars to playing soccer and even cricket. However, when it comes to cricket, there seems to be a shortage of good games that people want to play. They either miss a crucial element or are just not engaging enough. So when you are looking to better this, how would you go about creating one that is well-received? We take a look at a few of the things to consider below.

Video gaming companies, such as Activision Blizzard or Epic Games and Electronic Arts, and others have one thing in common, they make games well and have a huge fan base that plays all their selections of games continuously. They have everything from first-person shooting games, sports games, to strategy and more. But when it comes to Cricket, there are very few video games out there that do the trick.

One of the more popular ones is Cricket 19, which is created by an Australian gaming company based in Melbourne, but not many know if there will be a new version of it or not, yet. With just one exception of Brian Lara cricket, which was not well-received and as such pulled off the shelves and customers had to get a refund on their purchases.

The difference is, when playing a specific online game such as Poker, which has been around for decades and many online companies such as specialise in it, you can be sure to get your money’s worth because they have a large budget to create some of the best games for you to play online, as well as immaculate features that keep you engaged for hours. If this mentality is put into a cricket video game, chances are it can become just as popular and engaging. So, how does one go about doing this?

How To Create A Good Cricket Video Game

The first step to creating any game is to recognise the complexities of the game. In this case – Cricket. As well as the complexities of the platform and device you will be playing it on. Any good developer would agree that to make a good game there needs to be immaculate conception and detailed follow-through that streamlines the process from start to finish with no glitches in between.

Many have tried to make suggestions on how to make a proper cricket video game, and this is just a basic guide into some other aspects. Perhaps a good suggestion could be to have players in conversation with each other at the beginning of the game, whilst having a drink and make it as realistic as possible. There are many other things you can do to show progression over the game, perhaps a timeline of events from that discussion up to the upcoming Cricket World Cup or ICC games. Showing training grounds and team players playing various friendly games between each other.

You can add the variation of different types of games, with three different teams, and a variety of different ballers and batsmen. Don’t forget your audience! There is nothing like playing a video game cricket game and having thousands of fans cheering you on once you hit that 6! Include actual rivals in leagues and have options of changing their outfits. Also do not forget the rewards every time a player or team wins the game.

Add a new dimension to the game and let players recruit others. This could be a family member or friends who join you or anyone else online if you are connected to the internet and playing with or against other players from other countries.

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