International Cricket Captain 2009 – Patch 1 Released

International Cricket Captain 2009

Childish Things have released the first patch for International Cricket Captain 2009 addressing various bugs in the initial release.

The changes made in this patch are:

Database update, including player styles, preferences and added players
Power play added to Challenge Trophy
County Championship bonus points end at over 120
County Championship and Test matches session times and lengths updated
First initial of players on scorecards changed to commonly used name
Two player mode: continue button at end of innings added
Mouse fixed when running in windowed mode with desktop resolution of 1024×768
Player salary figures updated in squad view
Player run-rate graph updated
New Zealand team rating on team select screen added
Error in over economy for generated bowling innings
Pakistan world cup squad selection updated
Fix for Challenge trophy quarter final being automatically played for some teams
Field setting not re-set after power play taken

Instructions to Upgrade

You will need to uninstall the current version first by clicking:

start->all programs->Childish Things->International Cricket Captain 2009->Uninstall.

Then download and install the new version from the downloads page.

Once the game has been installed and run – you can access it by pressing “upgrade existing licence”.

If you had not yet purchased 9.06, you can buy version 9.10 here.

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