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How to Bet on Cricket Safer, Smarter!

I’m going to be a hundred percent honest. I know nothing about cricket. Or fantasy cricket. Or sports. I do know that everyone likes money, however, and that plenty of sports fans want to place bets on their favorite players, in a safe, fast, and fair system. I also know a thing or two about safe and fair gambling and betting.

So I’m going to recommend two different services tailored and designed for sports fans to have the time of their life, without worrying about anything other than the fate of your favorite players – Intertops mobile casino and Wagerr!


If you’re looking for a place to, well, place bets, then I recommend the Intertops Online Casino. The Intertops Casino itself was established in 1983, and went online in 1996, making it one of the oldest Online Casinos on the market.

Being around for so long pretty much proves that they’ve been doing something right, right? Aside from being Time-Tested, Intertops has a large sportsbook designed

purposefully so that you can safely bet on your favorite games, including, of course, cricket. The sportsbook also offers a $200 sign up bonus to get started, so you can win money without even having to spend any!

If you’re interested in betting on the go, you can always check out the Intertops mobile casino, so you can check in anytime, anywhere.


Of course, you may not want to deal with a middle-man at all. They take fees, bog down your time, and can be incredibly unfair to you, the consumer. Allow me to direct you’re attention to cryptocurrency. I should explain what cryptocurrency is before continuing. If you already know what cryptocurrency is, or don’t care to know how it works, then skip the next paragraph.

Imagine a currency not connected to a country and is used solely through the internet. This currency would be made out of the results of a mathematical formula, and the value of such a currency would be determined by how hard it was for a computer to calculate the answer of the mathematical formula. You could then trade such a currency anonymously and directly through the internet without any middle men, such as bookies or banks, getting a share of the dough. That’s what cryptocurrency offers.

Coming back around to sports, and the reason I bring this up is because of a cryptocurrency called Wagerr. It calls itself a “decentralized betting block chain”, which is fancy cryptocurrency technojargon for “internet coin for betting”, and before I get too into it, yes, it’s perfectly legal. Because of Wagerr’s nature as a digital currency, Wagerr fees are lower than regular sportsbooks and allows users to bet on games happening anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. However, what makes Wagerr stand out from other cryptocurrencies is a system called “value coupling.”

When you make a bet, a certain percentage gets taken out as fees. A percentage goes to the development of Wagerr, and fifty percent of the coin gets destroyed. Deleted. Kaput. By removing some of the Wagerr coins from existence, the value of those that remain increases. You bet half of your coins, the other half rises in value to compensate. More coins are eventually generated, and the price gets reduced, in a cycle.

The idea is to encourage betting, so that people will bet more, more confidently, because they know that- win or lose- what they have left will be worth more, regardless. That’s “value coupling”.

I hope I have piqued your interest. As I said, I may know little about sports and cricket, but I do know that everyone likes a fair game. If you’ve got the time, check out the Intertops Mobile Casino and the Wagerr Coin!


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