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Getting Started on Cricket? This is The Gear You Need

Now that vaccinations are progressively allowing players to go back to the field, you might be contemplating the idea of moving off betting sites to give real-world cricket a first try.

Playing cricket for the first time can be an exciting yet extenuating activity. As with most sports, having the right gear can alleviate your post-game pains and it could also prevent injuries while improving your performance.

If you are new to this discipline, the following is a summary of the kind of gear that you may want to acquire to both protect yourself and progressively strengthen your game.

#1 – White Clothing

White is the traditional color used by cricketers around the world and there are multiple reasons why this sport has picked white-colored attire as its universal uniform.

Same as polo shirts are considered the standard attire for golfers, cricketers use white clothing when playing. Back in the 18th century, white attire was easily confectioned and it was considered a heat-light tonality as well.

For this reason, the first item you would need to get started on cricket is a white attire that may include a T-shirt, a sweater, and pants. The sweater is not a must but it might be handy when playing in cold temperatures.

#2 – A Great Bat

Picking the right bat is both art and science and it could dramatically affect the performance of the player.

There are multiple factors to take into account when buying your first bat including its weight, your batting style, and its shape. Of course, the budget may also play a role if you are getting started but you can find some decent bats in the $50 to $100 range.

Along with a traditional English and Kashmir willow bat, you may also decide to purchase a training bat to progressively work on your skills.

#3 – A Helmet

Cricket helmets have been a thing since the late 1970s and they are designed to protect you from injuries caused by fast-pitched balls that lose their way to the batting box.

Even though some leagues may not consider using a helmet a mandatory requirement, if you are playing with beginners you might feel safer by wearing one.

Moreover, if you are a fielder standing near the batsman you may also find a helmet useful to protect yourself from dangerous bounces.

Cricket helmets come with a steel or titanium grille that will protect your face and they are shaped as a cap or, in some cases, as a bike helmet. Prices can go from $50 to $100 depending on the brand, materials, and design.

#4 – Shoes

Same as with most sports that involve running and moving around a field, cricket shoes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of players. On average, a cricketer may run up to 5 kilometers during a game and the best shoes are designed to alleviate ankle and knee pressure.

Depending on the position you will be playing, you may need an anti-skid surface on your shoes (bowlers and fielders). Moreover, spikes are usually added to give the players more stability.

On the other hand, if you are a bowler, your shoes should be adequately ventilated to alleviate the friction you will experience during the game.

A nice pair of standard cricket shoes can go from $40 to $80 depending on the brand, design, style, and other similar factors.

#4 – Accessories

The range of accessories that you could buy to improve your experience when playing cricket is quite extensive. Some of the most common, however, include the following:

  • Gloves.
  • Training balls.
  • Knee and shoulder protective pads.
  • Linseed oil for polishing your bat.
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • Bat tape.
  • A customized grip.

Bottom line

Now that you know the kind of gear you need to get started on cricket, are you ready to hit the field? These items will possibly make your first experience more comfortable and they will probably help you in improving your skills faster as well.

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