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FICA confirms that security is still an issue at 2011 Cricket World Cup

FICA confirms that security is still an issue at 2011 Cricket World Cup

Media Release

The Federation of International Cricketers Associations’ (FICA) Chief Executive Tim May confirmed today that the
issue of Security for players, officials and spectators is still a high priority for its organization, despite comments
attributable to ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat that security at the World Cup was a “Non Issue” and “not an issue for

“I have spoken recently to Haroon, so as to gain an understanding of the context of his comments, and remain
confident that the ICC shares FICA’s concerns regarding the importance of security measures at the World Cup”,
May said.

May stated that from FICA’s and the players’ point of view, security continues to be an issue, that the continued
focus on the implementation of security plans is still a very serious and relevant issue and is far from “a matter that is
not an issue to anyone”.

May confirmed that FICA’s security consultant Eastern Star International (ESI) had recently concluded a review of the
security arrangements for the Event and found the proposed arrangements to be sound.

May said that ESI had informed they were confident that provided the plans are implemented in a professional
manner the risk to the players in this event will be minimized as far as possible.

“Obviously the plans are only a part of the security solution, and now it is up to the ICC and World Cup security
personnel to ensure that the plans are implemented as laid down.

“Provision of security in the World Cup is a massive challenge to the organizers of the Event, with 14 teams moving
around 3 countries. It is a significant and complicated task to protect players, officials and spectators.

“There is no place for complacency in the delivery of these plans and we trust that the importance of the issue of
security remains the highest priority of the ICC, Event hosts and security forces.”

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