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Everything you need to know about the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The much-awaited ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is just around the corner. In fact, merely a couple of months separate us from the 30th of May when things set in motion. The closing ceremony will be held on the 14th of July, so you can expect about a month and a half packed full of jaw-dropping cricket games.

The action is set to unfold in England and New Wales

For the first time in 20 years, England will be the event’s hosting grounds. Among the teams that managed to qualify, we have Australia – one of the most successful contenders from the historical perspective. In 2015, they successfully claimed their fifth title when they overpowered New Zealand in the grand finals. Feel free to find out more about the rest of the cast below!

Ten teams to hit the scene

In total, 10 teams will be fighting their way straight to the top spot of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in a round-robin battle. The following teams successfully qualified for this year’s cup:

– Pakistan
– Bangladesh
– India
– Afghanistan
– South Africa
– Sri Lanka
– England
– Australia
– West Indies
– New Zealand

The 4 prevailing semi-finalists will duke it out for this year’s championship title in a series of knockout games, so may the best team win!

Who is the most likely to come out on top?

1. England

Without a shred of doubt, England looks like the strongest contender this year. Known for tight openers and some of the best players around today, they stand the best chances of claiming this year’s title. Playing on familiar soil is another notable advantage they have over their competition. Arguably, the biggest downside is their bowling department, but everything else speaks in their favor.

2. India

Of course, we can’t leave India out of the list. Why is this so? For starters, their team consists of some of the most fearsome players to have hit the scene. Their bowling lineup is looking stronger than than of England, and they’re only second to the one South Africa prides itself with.

3. New Zealand

Although New Zealand is not as likely to claim the big title as England and India, it’s still one of the strongest contenders all-around. Their openers are not to be underestimated, although they probably can’t compare to the kind that India is known for. Their bowling team is quite a strong one indeed, and with well-known names such as Taylor, Nicols, and Latham, they’re one of the most likely to win it all.

4. Afghanistan

Last but not least, we have Afghanistan – an honorable mention. If you remember how blazingly well they performed in IPL, you’ll know exactly why you need to give them the respect they deserve. Since they bravely stuck in there all the way to the U19 semi-finals, they could very well end up surprising us at in this year’s world cup.

There’s family fun everywhere you look

If you decide to bring your kids with you, they won’t be running out of things to do. All around the venue, there’s plenty of different activities to participate in, as well as food stands to cater to your culinary needs.

The daily schedule

The matches are set to start at 10:30 in the morning and last somewhere until 7:00 in the evening. In any case, make sure to be there around 2 hours before the start, because that’s when the gates are scheduled to open.

Don’t forget you need a UK visa if you arrive from abroad

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As for the fees, you can expect to pay £93 for the standard visitor visa.

Note that there are some requirements, so not everyone can get one. To sum it up, you need to provide proof that:

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How much for the tickets?

The ticket prices for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will be partially determined by market demand, the platform and the timing of the purchase, but generally speaking, kids tickets can be bought for as little as £6 and family tickets for as little as £44.

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