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Do you want your own chance to play in the Cricket World Cup?

At the Cricket Web Forums, global moderator Prince EWS is running a just-for-fun simming competition. You can sign up to represent the country of your choice and help them on the path to glory.

How does it work?

There is a thread here for the competition: Cricket Web Forumer Simming Comp. This is the thread for all discussion relating to the game, but you can also find an explanation of how it works in the opening post.

To summarise though, you sign up in the Signup Thread, and in doing so you state your batting and bowling styles, and score your abilities in each discipline but with the caveat that these must add up to 100. You also state your preferred nation as well as a number of backups if we need to make the numbers up for some of the smaller participants (there is no hard-fast rule to say you have to actually be from the country you are signing up for – if you fancy a game for Ireland, sign up for them).

The organiser (Prince EWS) will then feed all of the information into a database which is linked to a simming programme. This is a piece of software which will run the games based on the information fed into it, thus producing a result. It will break it down into ball-by-ball details though, so you don’t just get a result, but you know how many you scored with the bat, and from how many. You know how many dot balls you bowled and how many wickets you took. Each team will have a captain and they will be responsible for organising the team to get the best performance from the available players.

What do I have to do once the competition starts?

Once you’ve signed up, it’s not a huge effort that will take up lots of your free time each day to stay involved, like some online games. Just keep checking the thread to see how you’re getting on, and there is no obilgation to post but doing so every now and again might help your performance.

The fixture schedule will follow that of the real World Cup, so when England play India in real life, the simulated game will be done just before it.

Sounds simple right? It’s just designed to be a bit of fun while the World Cup goes on. If you fancy it, what are you waiting for? Sign up now using the link above. You will need to be registered for the forums to participate, and you can do that here.

Have fun!

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