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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Cricket is the second most popular sport after football. People don’t only like watching cricket, but many enjoy playing it too. While nothing beats playing the game on the ground, online cricket tournaments have their own charm. If you are a cricket fan who enjoys playing cricket, give fantasy cricket a try. You can enjoy great cricket matches from the comfort of your couch! Today, we will talk about the most common mistakes to avoid in fantasy cricket. Remember everyone makes mistakes when playing games, whether it’s online slots or Fortnite. So, if you are a beginner, you don’t want to miss this one. Avoiding these mistakes will help you win fast!

Here are the top ten most common mistakes to avoid while playing fantasy cricket online:

1. Always Have a Plan

Good players always have a game plan and strategies to win. Pick your team wisely and follow your plan. This does not mean you follow your plan blindly; you should improvise wherever necessary. Of course, fantasy cricket is tricky and requires some practice, but once you understand the game, you can dominate any game with the right strategy.

2. Always Have a Budget

Always have a fixed budget and do not overspend. Spend wisely on players. To do that, learn about the players and how they play. Check the player’s individual performance and if he’s worth the investment. This way you will always spend on the best players within your budget, and make profit on your spending


3. Pick A Versatile Team

It is exciting to pick your favorite players, but when it comes to fantasy cricket, pick a team of diverse players. Your team should be versatile and have a strategic mix-up. To dominate the match, you will need players who are good at everything. So don’t just get your favorite players, as eventually it will cost you money. After all, the top players are always the costliest players

4. Play Smart

Use your common sense and play smart. Fantasy cricket is not just about betting and winning, it requires attention to detail. You have to be thoughtful about every move you make. A great tip is to not spend all your money on average players. It is smart to have a versatile team, but that does not mean you can keep on buying players

5. Never Go All in At Once

This is the number one rule of betting. Never be overconfident and put all your money in one game or on one player. It is unsafe and stupid. Rather, split the investment into different games and players. Maybe you will win some, maybe you will lose some, or maybe you will win them all, but at least you won’t be left empty-handed

6. Don’t Play for The Money

Making money is an attractive aspect of fantasy cricket, but don’t just play for money. Play fantasy cricket for the excitement, enthusiasm and entertainment. Enjoy the gameplay and the process. Naturally, you will win once you start playing seriously and enjoy the game like it’s meant to be enjoyed.


7. Don’t Forget the Toss Result

The toss is an important part of a cricket game. So, you should know about the toss time and pay attention to it, as a toss can change the whole game. Watch who is playing from both sides and tweak your game strategy accordingly.

8. Never be out of practice

Practice makes a man perfect. As a beginner you should never start jumping to expert players. Compete in small matches and build your way to the tougher games. Keep trying, and soon you will improve your skills and understanding of the game.

9. Understand the Tournament Point System

Understand the tournament point system of the fantasy cricket game. Know the rules and any deductions beforehand. There are points for catching, runouts, wickets, etc. So, know how you can get your points, and which mistakes to avoid that can cost you points

10. Don’t Play Every Match

Don’t play every match. Observe the gameplay of other players and how they win. You will never learn if you keep playing the same strategies in every game. So, take a break from playing every game, especially the high-risk ones. See how others perform, and how they win.

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