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Can Canada Eventually Enter the World Test Cricket Fray?


anada has yet to firmly establish themselves in the world of cricket, which makes sense to somewhat of a degree. The country is mostly concerned with sports popular in North America, such as ice hockey, baseball and Canadian football. With all this known, can Canada enter the world test cricketing fray, as a developing nation within the sport? 


Sportsbet is the most popular bookmaker in India and we will tell you why!


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Football Stars Who Could Have Been Cricketing Heroes


When it comes to popularity, it would be fair to say that cricket has taken a battering over the past decade or two, especially when compared to football. The way the professional game has grown and evolved, most notably since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, should be used as something of a yardstick for those who run cricket in the UK.


Betting Or Slots – What To Choose?


f you’re intrigued by online casinos and betting sites, and you want to try your luck, you might be wondering what is your best option. In case you don’t know if betting is the right choice for you or if you would rather test slots, you’ve come to the right page.