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BCCI Sledging Hypocrisy


The great game of cricket has been subject to many changes in its glorious history and none more so than in the past ten years.

Technology is now playing its part to put the home viewer in “the best seat in the house”. Playing schedules have become far more demanding on the players; some rule changes have been implemented in all forms of the game to help keep matches as appealing as possible, and to help keep the players on the park playing when there is rain or poor light delays.


Growing Unrest


Tension is growing between players and cricket administrators and without a creative, mutually-agreeable solution, players may take matters into their own hands.


Selector Impatience Plagues Black Caps


New Zealand are set to embark on what will be a fascinating return tour of England. While the tour itself doesn’t start for approximately three weeks, there has already been much discussion relating to it, particularly the makeup of NZ’s Test squad.


Bring on Twenty20 – But Two Innings


Am I the only one yawning during fifty over One Day Internationals these days? I don’t think so; the game is losing its appeal.

How often do we see a close finish to an ODI these days? Even with the introduction of the bonus point system, and the “power plays”, most games I’ve watched in past two or three years have been dull, un-eventful and even boring, with most results pretty much decided before the lights are even turned on.