Bomb Blast in Karachi

Despite a recent bomb attack on Karachi where England are due to play the 3rd ODI on their tour of Pakistan, PCB chairman Shahryar Khan had the following to say on the issue:

‘It is my hope that it will go ahead as planned. It is still one month away, and I assure the England team, that had they been in Karachi now, it would not have been possible to penetrate the cordon of security around them.’ said Khan, on the explosion that injured 15 people.

‘Unfortunately, this is a part of a global phenomenon, and not particular to Karachi. When the dust has settled, we will see why, who and what objective was being attempted.’

He also praised the support received by the England players in Multan. ‘We have been greatly heartened by what we have seen. It has been a wonderful support and a sporting support. We want the rest of the series to be played in the same spirit.’

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