Benaud to chair Gibbs appeal

Former Australian captain turned much loved commentator, Richie Benaud, has been appointed to chair the Herschelle Gibbs appeal against a two match suspension he received for breaching the ICC code of conduct.

Gibbs was banned after stump microphones picked up abusive comments he made towards Pakistani members of the crowd.

“Benaud is Australia’s nominee as a Code of Conduct Commissioner and he has accepted the appointment to preside as the Appeals Commissioner for the hearing, which will take place via teleconference,” the ICC today said in a statement.

“The date for the hearing is still to be confirmed but it is expected to be held between the second and third Tests of the ongoing series.”

Gibbs was charged by ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed, for breaching the ICC code of conduct which forbids “any language or gestures that offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies another person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, descent or national or ethic origin.”

Gibbs will be permitted to play until the appeal is held, meaning he will be included in the side that takes on Pakistan in the second Test, starting today.

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