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The Rebel Tours


Yet another hit for Martin, he seems to be only reviewing quality reads of late. I don’t know about the other readers of this section but I am struggling to keep up with all the titles I need to acquire!


An Extraordinary July Day in Ulster


Many feel that Cricket Ireland’s desire to obtain Test status is an unrealistic expectation but those who can recall a match at Sion Mills on July 2nd 1969 may not. In this feature Cricket Web looks back at a remarkable game of cricket.


The Bodyline Hypocrisy


A ‘Pom’ justifying Bodyline? I will have to read this one! The only thing that is stopping me from banning it from the site, is that I hold the opinion of Martin in high esteem.


Better than Bradman?


Of course not, but history cannot escape the fact that West Indian batsman Andy Ganteaume has a Test batting average that eclipses even The Don’s 99.94. In this feature Cricket Web looks at his story.