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The Skipper’s Diary


As Archie points out in his review there are two versions of this book, the limited edition of which costs $1,000 – what he doesn’t tell us is which edition he has – is he trying to hide something from Mrs Mac?


Cricket Overthrown


Martin has admitted that on Archie’s criteria he does get a gold, but only on the strength of one book – mind you he did add there are another nineteen he has read on that particular series


In Pursuit of Excellence


After having their appetites whetted by last week’s book on Bevan Congdon Martin and Archie have been delving into Bill Francis’ back catalogue – for Archie the subject was Barry Sinclair


24 for 3


We do tend to run scared where cricket fiction is concerned but, if you like that sort of thing, Archie seems to have found a decent effort here and, with a bit of luck, in a couple of weeks we’ll be able to add a paragraph or two from his good lady reflecting her impressions on the book


Harry Graham


In case you thought we only had one dyed in the wool cricket tragic on the book review team Archie reminds us that he is just as severe a case as Martin, albeit without the red rose tinted spectacles


Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy


For reasons Archie explains we overlooked this one on publication five years ago but, better late than never, he has now plucked up the courage to read the acclaimed volume and review it


Herding Cats


A serious candidate for title of the year at the very least, Archie moves away from the higher echelons of the game and reviews a book about the sort of cricket we have all played