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The Cricket War


We are all agreed that this is a modern classic, and that a second edition was long overdue, although at least one of our number is disappointed that the original cover shot of a padded up Kerry Packer has been discarded


Lillee & Thommo


The description of a cricketer as a legend is applied far too often to men who simply don’t merit it. On this occasion however no one is likely to argue with the use of the word to add lustre to the names of the subjects of Ian Brayshaw’s latest book


The Pocket History Of The Ashes


There is no series quite like the Ashes, particularly for publishers, and once again on the eve of the game’s most famous contest we have a new history appearing – from Archie’s review it sounds like one for the new enthusiast so will doubtless find its way into many a Christmas stocking


The Journey


Given its timing some will question the motivation behind the suggestion that Steve Smith might have been playing for England this winter, but doubtless it will help sell a few copies of the man’s autobiography in the Northern Hemisphere


You Need Speed (part one)


Australians believe their fast bowlers are going to be decisive in the coming Ashes series. In the first part of a two part feature Archie looks back at some famous pace bowling combinations who have dominated past encounters.


Heroes of the Hour


Author Ken Piesse has kindly agreed to us running an extract from his latest book, so keep your eye on the front page in the coming days