WC set to hit England’s economy

England’s workplace productivity is set to be hit by over 270 million pounds during the World Cup, according to a study released today.

“Although it will not grab the international imagination to the same extent as the soccer World Cup, it remains the case that, even to those only half interested, watching cricket is one of the best ways of avoiding working known to man,” said the report.

The study, organised by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, based in England, estimates cricket’s most prestigious event will cost the county over 5% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per day, said the head of CEBR, Douglas McWilliams.

“Two of England’s matches, against New Zealand on 16 March and against Pakistan on 30 March, are on Friday afternoons and will be very tempting to those who feel inclined to stay on in the pub after lunch,” McWilliams said.

“This would cost the economy about 270 million pounds gross, just enough to be noticed in some of the monthly economic figures.

“England will also play Kenya on Saturday, March 24 and the West Indies on Saturday, April 21, which could affect shopping.”

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