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The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Cricket

Online betting has seen a significant rise in popularity in the last several years. Modern online bookmakers offer almost every type of popular sport, including cricket. While cricket is not as popular as football, tennis, or basketball, it’s still very much present in the sports betting world.

If you’re new to betting and you’re interested in cricket games, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to find the best cricket sportsbooks, how odds work, and what kind of wagers you can make. Here we go!

How and Where to Bet on Cricket?

Although the Cricket World Cup finished this summer, there are still plenty of cricket competitions to wager on. To find these competitions, just go to any renowned bookmaker website and locate cricket on the list of available markets. There are plenty of websites where you can bet on cricket, but only a selected few will have what you’re looking for in terms of odds, fixtures, and betting options.

Of course, first you will need to register on the betting site of your choice and deposit money in order to make bets. Once you got all that sorted out, explore the market and see which games are available for wagering. Make your predictions and fill out the betting slip.

The Odds for Cricket Games

The odds for cricket games are not that different from those for other spots, but if you find a good bookmaker, you can take advantage of some favourable odds that will give great value to your wagers.

Finding good odds for cricket is not easy but you can do it if you use the right tools, like the one on OddsManager. To maximise your profits and minimise your risks, you should also look at some bookmaker bonuses for new customers.

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

Betting on cricket is much more than just picking a winning team. Of course, you can bet on that as well, but other betting options are much more interesting.

A cricket game can last long, but you have the option to win a bet even before the first ball is thrown by betting on the coin toss. Also, you can bet on the top batsman or top bowler for each team.

One of the most interesting cricket bets involves guessing the method of the first wicket, or whether the first wicket will be bowled, caught, run out, leg before wicket, stumped, or more.

Other available cricket bets include 50 or 100 to be scored in a game, the number of total runs in the first over, most sixes, the man of the match, and others.

General Tips for Betting on Cricket

Whether your cricket bets are going to be successful or not largely depends on luck, but also on your knowledge of the game. Try wagering on leagues and competitions you follow and know the teams you’re betting on.

Check out the matchup history between the teams that are playing against each other, or the historical performance of players and their current form. The more information you have, the better the chances of you winning your bets.

If you need some assistance, go over to our Predictions page where you can learn about our insight on current cricket competitions. Good luck!

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