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The negatives of gambling sponsors in cricket

Sports betting is unarguably the most popular form of gambling in today’s world. Punters wager on teams or athletes, hoping that whoever they back will come out victorious, which in turn will yield a profit for them. There are even many other types of betting markets these days and you don’t necessarily have to bet on the overall game outcome. 

Cricket being a very popular sport especially in countries like India is heavily wagered on. At several online bookmakers, you’ll find several betting markets on leagues like Indian Premier League, Indian Cricket League, and Ranji Trophy.  

However, there are some negative effects of sports betting that has become a concern to the world at large. Many argue that betting companies are taking advantage of sports to enrich themselves by ripping off punters. Also, vulnerable people around the world are easily becoming addicted to the activity. 

Sponsors and Cricket betting

It’s no surprise that gambling sponsors are targeting countries like India and other markets where Cricket is loved. These days, online gambling in India has become so easy with the availability of many sportsbooks and casino sites targeting the country.

These gambling sponsors gain the interest of punters by pushing adverts online. They sponsor sports leagues and competitions. Most times, they use the fans’ favourite teams as a way to attract punters. During games, you’ll find these gambling advertisements on the pitch-side perimeter and billboards. Cricket fans who feel they owe a form of loyalty to their favourite teams get to back their teams on sportsbooks. 

Some gambling companies even sponsor specific teams. One example is Betway group that sponsors several times across the globe. The sponsorship includes the provision of funds to secure kits and other necessary items for the teams. These teams in return promote the gambling companies through their flannels and jerseys. You’ll find the names and logos of the betting sites boldly written on the jerseys. 

The Negatives

To attract punters and make huge profits, gambling companies invest heavily not only in the cricket industry but in many other sports. For example, in the English Premier League, about half of the football clubs are sponsored by at least one betting company.

This is becoming a huge concern for many sports lovers as it passes a different message to the public. These are some of the concerns:

  • Disregard for the original purpose of the game
  • Excess advertisements of betting and gambling operators during the games and after
  • Increase in the number of problem gamblers. 
  • A growing belief that sports go hand in hand with gambling
  • Risk of increasing underage betting through the display of gambling adverts to kids and teenagers

Due to these problems, many Industry experts have demanded a change. Some countries like the UK have responded to these and provided additional regulations to curb this menace. In 2019, the gambling shares of sports sponsorships in the UK dropped from 15.3% to 8.1%, giving way for the Construction Industry to take the top spot.  Overall, a balance has to be created. Gambling should be enjoyed as a fun activity and should not threaten the economy or the quality of life of the punters. Vulnerable adults and kids also have to be protected from becoming gambling addicts. This balance will only be created if the government in each country takes the right step and enact necessary regulations.

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