The Beast Bites Back

Kookaburra is seeking advice from its legal team after the MCC ruled that the company’s use of graphite stickers on two of its models were deemed illegal.

The Beast and The Kahuna which are the models in question have a strip that covers the entire back half of the bat which is used to help prevent cracks which Kookaburra insist is the only benefit despite claims that the strip is illegal from a number of sources.

The MCC’s decision, which has been endorsed by the ICC, only bans the bat from use in international matches, though Kookaburra is worried that it will have a major impact on sales from users lower down due to the controversy over the illegality, along with the fact that the top stars from around the world will not be able to promote it.

The law states that material can be used to help strengthen the bat as long as it isn’t thicker than 1.56mm.

Kookaburra have commissioned two reports that back them as fulfilling this requirement however the MCC disagree with the finding and hence have banned the bat.

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