Stats Spider Joe Root - Twenty20 - Batting Performance Innings by Innings

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Match DateRuns Balls Mins 4s 6s Ct St
India in England 2014 (Only Twenty20)7th September 20142629312-00
Sri Lanka in Ireland and England 2014 (Only Twenty20)20th May 20145711--10
England in Australia 2013/14 (3rd Twenty20)2nd February 20141121221-00
England in Australia 2013/14 (2nd Twenty20)31st January 20141814193-00
England in Australia 2013/14 (1st Twenty20)29th January 20143224303100
Australia in British Isles 2013 (2nd Twenty20)31st August 2013111--00
Australia in British Isles 2013 (1st Twenty20)29th August 201390497713100
England in New Zealand 2012/13 (3rd Twenty20)15th February 2013DNB10
England in India 2012/13 (2nd Twenty20)22nd December 2012DNB20