Stats Spider Edgar Schiferli - ODI - Batting Performance Innings by Innings

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Match DateRuns Balls Mins 4s 6s Ct St
ICC World Cricket League Championship 2011 to 201327th, 28th August 2013360--00
Afghanistan in Netherlands: 2nd match, 20091 September 2009114--00
Afghanistan in Netherlands: 1st match, 200930 August 20094612--00
Canada in Netherlands: 1st match, 200911 July 2009689--10
ICC World Cup Qualifier: 3rd match, 2008/0919 April 2009DNB00
ICC World Cup Qualifier: 2008/098 April 20094117204300
Kenya in Netherlands: Only ODI, 200821 August 2008DNB10
Bermuda in Netherlands: 2nd match, 20088 August 2008DNB00
European Championship Division One: 2nd ODI, 200829 July 2008513231-00
European Championship Division One: 1st ODI, 200828 July 2008068--00
Bermuda in Netherlands: 2nd match, 200720 August 2007DNB00
Quadrangular Series (Ireland): 2nd Match, 200711 July 2007DNB00
Quadrangular Series (Ireland): 1st Match, 200710 July 20070313--00
Netherlands in Canada: 1st ODI, 20073 July 2007311--00
ICC World Cricket League Division One: 15th Match, 2006/075 February 200711---00
ICC World Cricket League Division One: 10th Match, 2006/074 February 2007DNB00
ICC World Cricket League: 9th Match, 20072 February 200701---00
ICC World Cricket League: 6th Match, 200731 January 2007261--00
ICC World Cricket League: 2nd Match, 200730 January 2007DNB00
ICC World Cup: 39th Match, 2002/033 March 20031015232-00
ICC World Cup: 33rd Match, 2002/0328 February 20032227513-00
ICC World Cup: 28th Match, 2002/0325 February 2003924421-00
ICC World Cup: 20th Match, 2002/0320 February 20039812-110
ICC World Cup: 13th Match, 2002/0316 February 20031216162-00
ICC World Cup: 7th Match, 2002/0312 February 20031321282-00
ICC Champions Trophy: 10th Match, 2002/0321 September 2002085--00
ICC Champions Trophy: 5th Match, 2002/0316 September 20021521152100