Smith lashes back at Pietersen

South African captain Graeme Smith has fired back at Kevin Pietersen over claims that South Africa’s biased selection policies drove him to play for England.

In turn, Smith accused Pietersen of constantly slating South Africa, citing that as the reason for the lack of a relationship with him. Pietersen recently revealed, in his book Crossing The Boundary, that he was left out of the Natal side in 2000 on account of the prevalent quota policy.

He further stated that such policies hinder the racial integration of South African cricket. Pietersen said that his father tried unsuccessfully to reason with the Natal coaches over the matter.

Pietersen attacked Smith, labelling him an ?absolute muppet? and bemoaned the ugly reception he received when he returned to tour South Africa as an England player in 2004/2005.

Smith lays the blame on Pietersen, however, telling Super Cricket, “If he had kept his mouth shut he would have had far fewer people angry at him and he would have taken far less flak from the crowds. Wait until he gets to Australia, the abuse will be far worse there.”

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