Womens T20 World Cup 2020

The Twenty20 World Cup between the Women teams of Australia, England, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and West Indies.

Matches | Standings


Home TeamAway TeamMatch Date & TimeVenue
Australia WomenIndia Women21-02-2020 08:00:00GMTSydney
West Indies WomenThailand Women22-02-2020 07:00:00GMTPerth
New Zealand WomenSri Lanka Women22-02-2020 11:00:00GMTPerth
England WomenSouth Africa Women23-02-2020 11:00:00GMTPerth
India WomenBangladesh Women24-02-2020 11:00:00GMTPerth
Australia WomenSri Lanka Women24-02-2020 07:00:00GMTPerth
England WomenThailand Women26-02-2020 03:00:00GMTCanberra
West Indies WomenPakistan Women26-02-2020 08:00:00GMTCanberra
India WomenNew Zealand Women27-02-2020 03:00:00GMTMelbourne
Australia WomenBangladesh Women27-02-2020 08:00:00GMTCanberra
England WomenPakistan Women28-02-2020 08:00:00GMTCanberra
South Africa WomenThailand Women28-02-2020 03:00:00GMTCanberra
New Zealand WomenBangladesh Women29-02-2020 03:00:00GMTMelbourne
India WomenSri Lanka Women29-02-2020 08:00:00GMTMelbourne
South Africa WomenPakistan Women01-03-2020 03:00:00GMTSydney
England WomenWest Indies Women01-03-2020 08:00:00GMTSydney
Australia WomenNew Zealand Women02-03-2020 08:00:00GMTMelbourne
Sri Lanka WomenBangladesh Women02-03-2020 03:00:00GMTMelbourne
Pakistan WomenThailand Women03-03-2020 03:00:00GMTSydney
West Indies WomenSouth Africa Women03-03-2020 08:00:00GMTSydney
Semi FinalSemi Final05-03-2020 03:00:00GMTSydney
Semi FinalSemi Final05-03-2020 08:00:00GMTSydney
FinalFinal08-03-2020 08:00:00GMTMelbourne

Standings - Top 25 Teams

Pos.ManagerTotal Points
Gold MedalSame1.brijesh thakkar95
Silver MedalSame2.AG Khan82
Bronze MedalSame3.Tim Rees81
Same4.dale chambers80
Same5.Abdullah H78
Same6.junaid latif69
Same6.alan emery69
Same8.Sriram MSR66